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Mitsides Public Company Ltd was established in 1932 and is now the largest and most experienced flour and pasta producer in Cyprus, dominating the Cyprus market with impressive shares of around 55% and 40% accordingly. Mitsides flour and pasta are also spreading to overseas markets at impressive rates, while in recent years the company has expanded its operations in the Balkans through a Serbian subsidiary flour and pasta producing company. 

Apart from its traditional sectors of flour and pasta production, Mitsides is also active in grain trading, the trading of many other foodstuffs such as traditional Cyprus ravioli, bulgur wheat, processed tomato products, pasta sauces, as well as the sale of raw Materials for the Baking, Confectionery and Ice-cream industries.

In Cyprus, the Mitsides Group owns 14 Grain Silos of a total capacity of 20.000 tons, two Flourmills of a total milling capacity of 230 metric tons per day, two fully automated Flour Mixing Plants and a dry and fresh/ frozen Pasta Plant. In Serbia the company owns two Flourmills, a recently constructed dry Pasta Factory, and a fresh pasta plant. Mitsides produces a wide range of quality flours, semolinas and specialized flours and mixes, such as wholemeal, barley and multigrain, two kinds of fresh/frozen traditional Cyprus ravioli filled with halloumi cheese, and some 40 different shapes of dry pasta products.

Locally, Mitsides employs around 160 people, mostly highly qualified personnel, including food scientist and chemists who run the company’s Quality Control Centre and laboratory. Strict quality control is exercised over all process functions, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods and the company is certified to both the ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) Food Safety Management and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems.

Mitsides is the major exporter of pasta and flour from Cyprus, the main export destinations being the Middle east, Arab Gulf, and the UK. The largest share of exports consists of contracted flour sales to “Pizza Hut” restaurants in a growing number of countries in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf, as a result of Mitsides' cooperation with Yum!Brands Inc. Mitsides has been an approved global flour supplier for Pizza Hut International since 1998.