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The company was established in 1993 (under the name Blue Island Fish Farming Ltd) as a mariculture unit. A turning point for the company has been its conversion in 1999 into a Public Company and its listing in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. This development contributed to the growth of the company. The core of business of the company is the fish farming and trading of the Mediterranean species Sea Bass and Sea Bream and the trading of fresh fish from open sea fishing.

Today the company distinguishes itself in the Cyprus market in the fields of mariculture and fish trading, in addition to its size and its modern organizational structure and infrastructure. Both the structure and the infrastructure of the company are continuously developing, with a view to offering a reliable and complete service to its clients, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Currently the Company employs approximately 160 persons and has fish markets and customer service stations throughout the island.

Our vision is the continuous growth of our company as regards the supply of products which will satisfy absolutely our customers in the aspects of quality, competitive prices and reliability of our services, for the benefit of our shareholders, stakeholders and the society.

We want to ensure the long-term viability of the company, preserving its good name and reputation, and winning the recognition of our customers as one of the best reliable supplier.

Our business activities always respect the shareholders, stakeholders, the society and the environment.

The basic fields of the company’s activities are:

  • Fry breeding, through our subsidiary, Blue Fisheries in the Akrotiri area.
  • Fish farming through our fish breeding farm at the Governor’s Beach.
  • Wholesaling in Cyprus and abroad through our Processing/Packing Unit/Warehouses at the Strovolos Industrial Estate.
  • Retail selling through our own shops and shops in supermarket chains.

The basic trading sectors of Blue Island are:

  • Retail Sector:
    • Sales through our own network of fish markets and shops in supermarket chains throughout the island.
  • Wholesale Sector:
    • Supply of products to other fish markets and Seafood shops throughout Cyprus.
    • Supply of fish to hotels and restaurants throughout the island.
  • Exports Sector:
    • Fish exports from our own breeding farm (mainly sea bass and sea bream) and other Mediterranean fish such as tuna, sword fish etc caught by Cypriot vessels, to European countries, the United States, Russia and the Middle East.
  • Sector for the Sale of Fry, through our subsidiary Blue Fisheries LTD to fish farms in Cyprus and abroad.