Exports and internationalisation are very important so it is necessary to provide businesses with the appropriate tools to support these efforts such as this platform.

Enterprises that will register with the platform will constitute part of an organised and systematic effort for the international exhibition/promotion of Cypriot products through the use of technology.

Through the platform interested parties (i.e. buyers, purchasers, distributors) will be able to find information about Cypriot companies and products.

At the same time members of the platform will be able through the various applications (start exports) have access to tools which will assist them in their exporting efforts.

For a company to participate in the platform it must become a member. In order to do this it must proceed with registration and accept the terms and conditions. Members of the platform will only be companies which have export potential and have been evaluated and granted an ICG seal.

Once a company’s application is approved and the subscription fee paid, then it will be able to submit full details about the business and the products it wishes to export.