Membership Agreement (the “Agreement”)                is a business platform (the “Platform”) developed and managed by the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the “NCCI”). 

Your application for membership of the Platform and your subsequent use of our fee-based resources and services shall be processed following the full acceptance of the present terms and conditions of this Agreement (the “Membership Agreement”) and of the terms and conditions governing the use of the Platform (the “Platform Terms & Conditions”).

This version of agreement in English is only for reference purposes. In the event of any discrepancy between the Greek and the English version, the Greek version shall prevail.

All capitalised terms not otherwise defined in the present Membership Agreement, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Platform Terms & Conditions.


Acceptance of the present Membership Agreement  gives the right to a Member to use the resources and services provided by the Platform.

This Membership Agreement applies and is valid solely for and its web pages.

The NCCI reserves the absolute right at its sole discretion to amend and/or update from time to time the content of Membership Terms & Conditions without any prior notice sent to its Members. Any and all amended terms and conditions will become valid upon being posted on Your continuous use of our resources and services signifies your acceptance of the amended Agreement.

Non-acceptance by a Member of any amendments to the Agreement means access shall be prohibited to related services and resources otherwise provided, and that the membership right of such Member shall cease to be applicable and valid.  

Unless otherwise stated, this Agreement will also apply to any and all new functions, resources and services.

Nobody other than the authorized personnel following written permission by the NCCI shall be entitled to effect any amendments to this Agreement.


This membership service is fee based. For details, please view the Member area in the platform.

Member services will only be available upon payment of the above-mentioned fee.

The NCCI reserves the rights at its sole discretion to alter price levels and payment methods. However, the changes on price levels and payment methods are not applicable to the paid services that are already confirmed by us.

If a Member requests to terminate part of or all Member services before the contract expiration date, payment of the fee is not refundable since services remain in operation.


The services for paid users are available for the time period of one (1) year. 

The service period starts from the day of activation of the Member services by the administrator, the NCCI.

At the end of service period, the Member has the discretion to renew its service; otherwise the membership will be automatically cancelled.  You will no longer have Member features, and all information release and settings made as a Member will not be saved.

The NCCI reserves the right at its sole discretion to assess whether a Member’s actions with regards to its use of the business Platform conforms to the present Membership Agreement as well as the Platform Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time.

If the NCCI deems it fit, it reserves the right to take any appropriate measure against a Member with regards to any violation of the above-mentioned clauses which includes but is not limited to cancellation of member status or to the services provided by the business platform.


Each Member should coordinate with the NCCI to accomplish the ICS seal audit service within one month from the day the Member is notified by the NCCI.

Each Member can be audited in any of the two ways:

  1. onsite check and/or
  2. document verification.

The NCCI reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the audit method based on website operation requirements and related regulations. If the Member belongs to specific industries and sells specific products they must be audited onsite according to the regulations of the NCCI. The audit service covers the following items but is not limited to: basic company information, trade capacity, production capability, quality management, industry information, R&D capability, system and product certification, financial credit, working environment, environment management, and photos. Upon successful completion of the audit service, the Member will obtain an ICG Seal . If a report is available it may be uploaded to your showroom by default.


A company can become a member of only when such company meets the following conditions:

  1. Has completed their application, paid their subscription service and has undergone the ICG seal inspection /audit.
  2. Is an entity or enterprise registered in the Democratic Republic of Cyprus.
  3. Meets the basic requirements on production capability and export trade experience. Some special requirements are needed for certain industries and supplier types.
  4. Meets business /process quality standards.

The NCCI reserves the right to perform a second audit on the Member, and the related costs will be carried by the NCCI itself.


Each Member can refer to the Member portal of to submit its renewal application for paid services. Once the application and payment have been received, the services will be extended for the agreed period of time.

The NCCI reserves the right to assess whether its paid users act in accordance with the Platform Terms & Conditions and the Membership Terms & Conditions. If the NCCI deems it fit, it reserves the right to take any appropriate measure against a Member with regards to any violation of the above-mentioned clauses which includes but is not limited to cancellation of member status or to the services provided by the business platform.


Each Member shall perform activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus, and in pursuance to all the agreements, regulations, routines and procedures associated with  as well as avoid any unlawful practice by taking advantage of the site and the services provided.

Each Member shall provide accurate current company name and contact information.

Each Member shall be liable for providing compensation if they have caused any harm and damage to by their actions in breach of this Agreement.

Each first-time Member shall complete the ICG seal audit service before the Member services are activated by the NCCI.

During the ICG seal audit service, the Member shall comply with the service terms and conditions as required by inspection organizations. For detailed terms and conditions, see official service description documents or introduction on their official websites.

ICG Seal Audit service is performed based on the materials the Member provides. Each Member undertakes that the documents, materials, information, and samples they have provided are authentic, complete, and valid. If any false statements or misconduct are found, the NCCI reserves the right to immediately terminate the audit service and/or all Member services, without being liable to any loss that may be incurred by the Member.

Each Member is not allowed to tamper with the audit report, and they shall agree that they shall be liable for all responsibilities resulting from their misconduct in relation to the audit report and that they shall be liable to pay any and all compensation (including attorney fees) to the NCCI for losses incurred.


By accepting the present Membership Terms & Conditions each Member is deemed to have knowledge and to be in agreement that the NCCI shall permit other users to download and view each Member’s audit report in their showroom. The NCCI further retains the right to use any Member’s audit report at its own discretion.

The NCCI is not responsible for any intercepted service and malfunctions caused by force majeure (including but not limited to natural damage, social incidents, any network abnormality or temporal shut-up resulting from hacker attack, technology update of Telecom, governmental control and any other factors out of the attributes as a commercial platform), but the NCCI  will endeavor to decrease the loss to the best of its ability.

In the event that paid services fail to proceed due to error or failures, it will provide Members with an extension to their contract period for the time the services were unavailable. However, the NCCI will not be responsible for other related losses.

The NCCI reserves the right at its sole discretion to delete any posted content that is in violation of the laws and statutes of the Democratic Republic of Cyprus and/or our Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time, and/or any content or actions of Members that are deemed unacceptable by the NCCI.

The NCCI reserves the right to cancel membership when any conduct by a Members is deemed to be in serious violation of the above.


The NCCI acknowledges that your contact details, i.e. your name, address, identification number, email address, gender, date of birth, contact details (i.e. your “personal data”) are confidential. The NCCI will maintain the confidentiality of and shall protect your personal data in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data (Protection of the Person) Law of 2001 (the “Law”) as amended from time to time and/or regulations issued thereunder. The NCCI shall not disclose your personal data to any third party unless authorised by you or required to do so by the applicable laws as amended from time to time and/or regulations issued thereunder.

By accepting the present Terms & Conditions you hereby provide your consent to the NCCI to collect, process and store your personal data for the purposes of subscribing you as a member to its platform i.e. and providing you through such platform with the resources and services to facilitate the promotion of your company’s goods to third parties (the “Purposes”).

The NCCI shall only collect, process and store the personal data necessary for the completion of the aforementioned Purposes and only upon receipt of your consent or when legally authorised to do so. The NCCI shall request your additional and prior consent in the event your personal data must be processed for any other purpose other than the ones stipulated in the present Membership Terms & Conditions.

You hereby acknowledge that you will not send to the NCCI any personal data if you do not want that information to be collected, processed or stored for the abovementioned purposes.

You have the right at any time and with no charge to access, the right to rectify, and the right to erase your personal data by sending to the NCCI a written request to In the event you wish to exercise your right to erase your personal data, you will automatically cease to be a member on the platform and shall therefore not be able to access the resources and services provided therein.

Your personal data shall be stored for the period of time you remain a subscribed member of the platform, and shall be destroyed upon expiration of such subscription or upon termination of your subscription.


The NCCI maintains the right to terminate and cancel part of or all paid services under any of the following circumstances:

You have violated any terms and conditions in Terms & Conditions Document or Member Service Guidelines.

You submitted an official written application to request termination and/or cancellation for part of or all paid services.

Other circumstances that may cause service termination or cancellation.


The NCCI does not promise, undertake, confirm that any and all uploaded information on is valid and/or true, accurate, stable, complete or current.

The NCCI accepts no liability for:

Loss of data including but not limited to data transmitted and other data held by you; user understanding and acceptance of data transmission lies on each user individually, who will also be wholly liable and responsible for any risks in system damage or data loss.

Potential indirect or consequential losses arising from the use of the Platform including but not limited to anticipated profits and/or business.

The content of documents and/or files and/or other information posted on the Platform nor that such documents and/or files are free from any viruses, thus, the NCCI accepts no responsibility for any potential damage or loss caused by such virus.

Third party websites whose links may be contained on the Platform. Such third-party websites are not under the control of the NCCI and therefore the NCCI is not responsible for the content of any such website, or any changes and/or updates to such website. The NCCI is providing these third party websites as a convenience therefore their inclusion on the Platform does not imply endorsement by the NCCI of such website or any association with its operators. You are responsible to view and abide by the privacy statements and terms and conditions of use of such third party websites.


Any breach of the terms and conditions of the present Membership Agreement as amended from time to time shall either be resolved through negotiation and/or upon failure of such resolution shall be adjudicated before the Cyprus courts.


The present Membership agreement is governed by and construed in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Items without definite legislated description will consult universally adopted international commercial routines and trade standards.


All the contents in the websites are Copyright © 2017 owned by the Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the written permission of Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is prohibited. All rights reserved.

By clicking “I accept” I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accepted the Membership Terms and Conditions of and I consent to the collection, processing and storage of my personal data for the purposes of using as well as of being a Member of