The Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) was established in 1952 and is federally associated with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

The NCCI has gone through various development stages to its present structure and constitutes a successful form of representation of the entrepreneurial community of Nicosia.

It is a private non-profit organization financially independent, governed by a 20 member council. The NCCI is represented at the Board of Directors of CCCI through its elected representatives.

As opposed to other countries, membership to the Chamber in Cyprus is not compulsory but on a voluntary basis. The services offered by the Chamber, cover the whole spectrum of entrepreneurial activity and the most important companies are registered.

The Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry focuses on the promotion of the economic, social and cultural development of the city and region of Nicosia. With its initiatives it supports entrepreneurship,  economic and regional development and encourages its member companies in the direction of innovation, exports and internationalisation.